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Fire Rural Fire Subscription Program

The City of Tuttle Fire Department provides fire protection services for the rural areas outside of the City of Tuttle.  When the Tuttle Fire Department responds, the property owner will be charged for the response.  At $250 per hour per truck, a fire response can get expensive quickly.  A typical homeowners policy will only cover $500 of the Fire Department response.  A house fire response can easily exceed $6,000 in fire response fees.  A small grass fire can cost in excess of $1,000. 

The City of Tuttle offers a Fire Subscription Program for those who own property in the Tuttle Rural Fire Protection District for only $60 per year.  This subscription covers all of the property owner’s out-of-pocket expenses for a fire response. 

The Tuttle Fire Department will always respond to fire calls in the Tuttle Rural Fire Protection District, regardless of enrollment status in the Fire Subscription Program.

To enroll, please call 381-2335, or visit City Hall at 221 W. Main St. in Tuttle.

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Firework Stand Information

Click here for application and information.

Firefighter Intern Summer Academy

Tuttle Fire Department is taking applications for their Firefighter Intern Program.

The FIREFIGHTER INTERN PROGRAM is designed to provide students with an opportunity to obtain on-the-job experience while attending school and pursuing a degree.  The Program provides in-house fire training and offers real experience in fire suppression responses.  

Apply today.  There are slots available for 2018-19.  This is a year-round program and the summer academy is coming up.

For more details click HERE to download the packet.

Questions can be directed to Chief Bruce Anthony via email at

Controlled Burn Registration

Click HERE to register your controlled burn with the Fire Department. You have register again for each day you plan to burn.